Process Flow Chart of Garments Cutting Department

Fabric cutting is a very important factor for making a garments. Before making a garments fabric cutting is done according to pattern and marker planning. Cutting fabrics are sorted according to the size of the fabrics. Now, we are going to discuss about process flow chart of garments fabric cutting department or Section.

garments fabric cutting flow chart

Process flow chart of Garments Fabric Cutting Section

Work order sheet through merchandiser

Fabric booking sheet / Certification of assortment

Pattern receiving from production section

Pattern checking

Marker making / Receive the marker from CAD room

Marker checking

Determine the quantity of spreading cloth

Calculate the number of lay per cutting

Number of cutting per order

Receiving fabric from store

Fabric spreading

Check the consumption

Start bulk cutting

Part to part quality Check

Sorting and bundling

Input/Send to sewing Department/Section for final or bulk production