Types of Chemicals and Auxiliaries Used in Textile

Chemicals auxiliaries are the main factor for making colour in yarn of fabric. Various types of chemicals auxiliaries are used during dyeing processes in textile industries. A collection or list of basic functions of chemical and auxiliaries used in Textile, knitting, Dyeing and Finishing Chemical.

Name of Chemicals & Auxiliaries Types
Alcamine/Sapamine CWS Softener
Eriopon OS Washing off
Univadine DP Brightener
Bluton 2B Brightener
Uvitex BHV (Liquid) Brightener
Uvitex 2-B Brightener
Cibapon/Eriopen R Soaping
Invatex-PC Peroxide Killer
Bio-Kill Peroxide Killer
Invatex-CS Sequestering
A-Powder Stabilizer
Tinofix ECO/FRD Fixing
Sandoclean-PCLF Detergent & Wetting
Avosper-AD Leveling
Ultratex-FMW Silicon Softener
Cibaflow jet Antifoaming agent
Biosuper -HDL Enzyme
Cibafluid-C/NFL Anti-Creasing
Skiantan NW Soaping
Depicol RC-9 Soaping
Sodium Sulphate Glauber Salt
Caustic Soda Alkali
Hydrogen Peroxide Bleaching agent/Oxidizing agent
Soda ash Alkali/Fixing agent
Ultratex-FMW Silicon Softener
Sapamine FPG Softener (For White)
Syno White 4BK Brightener
Syno White BYB Brightener
Tinofix ECO/FRD Fixing
Bleaching Powder Oxidizing agent
Hydrose Reducing agent
Glubar Salt Electrolyzing agent
Invatex CS Sequestering agent
Rucogal RLC Leveling
Acetic Acid Neutralizing of alkali
Rucolin JES Anti-Creasing

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