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Garments / Apparel Merchandising

Learn Apparel Merchandising Meaning, Garments Manufacturing Process, Production Planning and Controlling Method, Product Consumption and Calculation theory.  Tips and Tricks for How to collect orders from international buyers. Online clothing study of Garment Fabric, Accessories, Labor Costing functions. Fashions and Garments Merchandising Management techniques, Before starting job everybody should know what buyers like or dislike?

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Types of Letter Of Credit (LC)

If you want to be a good and successful garment merchandiser, you have to know about different types of LC (Letter of Credit). Without Knowing LC you won’t take any kind of big orders...

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Costing Function of a Garment Product

Garment Costing Function of an Apparel Items are depending on two types of calculation such as – Pre cost and Final cost of garments. Pre Cost of a Garment: Fabric, trim and labour costs...